"Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow." - Kahlil Gibran


We offer all natural, herbal dyes that are completely eco-friendly and biodegradable. You can purchase the dyes in powder or liquid form. Get in touch with us to order our herbal dyes today! Available in all colours of nature…

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On turning the wheels of time we will find that right from their evolution, human beings have fancied colours and used natural matters to stain hides and decorate shells. From the walls of ancient caves to the red fabric found in the coffin of Tutankhamen reveals the use of natural dyes present even centuries ago. However the use of dyestuff became very prominent only after 15 th century as the art of dyeing spread from China and Egypt to Japan, Europe and Central America. Even Indian text notes the use of yellow, blue and red dyestuff. With the increase in the trade of wool, silk and cotton around the world, dyes became a prominent commodity. Since the creation of synthetic dyes in 1856, the use of natural materials to create dyes quickly became rare. Synthetic dyes cause a lot of harm to the environment and to us, which is why Truetone is reviving the art of herbal dyeing in the industrial set up.

Herbal dyes are in the front line to achieving sustainability in the fashion industry because they are biodegradable, do not pollute our waters, and help in utilizing those parts of a plant which would usually be called a waste, such as the peels.

Synthetic dyes are toxic to animals and our ecosystems when the waste effluent reaches our oceans and grounds, where it is dumped carelessly.

By using all natural material for the same processes, we eliminate those harms. At Truetone we are also sharing the herbal dye process as a means to create employment in the rural sector of the society, because we know that sustainability has to be all rounded.

Our skin is the largest of the breathing organ on our body and herbs, with their Ayurvedic goodness, can help with keeping our skin safe and healthy.

Herbs have some well recorded health benefits. For example turmeric helps in healing and moistening the skin and Indigo acts as a natural mosquito repellent. While we may not be looking for nutritional value in our clothing, it is important to think about what we want our skin to be in contact with every second of everyday.

Herbal dyes are not only free from carcinogenic component but are also natural antioxidant agents, because they are not made in a lab using synthetic chemicals, but with the goodness of nature.

If it has got to be a fabric, why not have it be a gift of nature?

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